Emile Henry 1850 Casserole 2.7L Induction

Price: $274.99 $179.99
Brand: Emile Henry
Product Code: 91804850

The 1850 stewpot, with its pure and functional design, is perfect for slow simmering. The round knob makes handling easy and practical. Ceramic allows gentle cooking on the stove top or in the oven, bringing out all flavours in the ingredients. The dots on the inside of the lid allow the steam to circulate easily throughout the cooking cycle: meat is tender and vegetables are perfectly cooked.

Details 26cm pan diameter. 2.7L capacity. Suitable for all types of stovetop including induction. Suitability: stovetop, oven, broiler, microwave. Resistant ceramic against any source of direct heat. Dishwasher safe without deterioration.
Shipping Weight 4.76 kg
Box Size (L x W x H) 41.15 cm x 33.63 cm x 22.63 cm

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