Incredibly sharp edges and unmatched aesthetics set Shun japanese knives apart from every other kitchen knife on the market today.

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Shun  Classic Paring Knife
Shun Classic Paring Knife The Shun Classic 9 cm Paring knife is a must-have for every ki..
$115.00 $80.00
Shun Classic 3 Piece Starter Knife Set
Shun Classic 3 Piece Starter Knife Set The Shun Classic 3-Piece Starter Set includes the..
$450.00 $280.00
Shun Classic 8 Piece Epicurean Block Set
Shun Classic 8 Piece Epicurean Block Set The Shun Classic 8-Piece Epicurean Block Set gi..
$1,049.00 $610.00
Shun Classic Boning/Fillet Knife
Shun Classic Boning/Fillet Knife The Shun Classic 15 cm Boning/Fillet is adept at these ..
$159.00 $110.00
Shun Classic Bread Knife
Shun Classic Bread Knife After a chef’s knife and a paring knife, some cooks say that th..
$202.00 $140.00
Shun Classic Chef's Knife
Shun Classic Chef's Knife If there is one knife that you simply can’t be without, it’s t..
$202.00 $140.00
Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Chef's Knife
Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Chef's Knife If you have only one kitchen knife, the Shun Cla..
$216.00 $150.00
Shun Classic Vegetable Knife
Shun Classic Vegetable Knife The Shun Classic 8 cm Vegetable Knife is ideal for a wide v..
$115.00 $80.00
Shun Electric Knife Sharpener
Shun Electric Knife Sharpener Sharpen kitchen knives quickly 
and professionally with th..
$115.00 $80.00
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