Emile Henry 15" Plancha Grill - GRENADE

Price: $109.99 $74.99
Brand: Emile Henry
Product Code: 347546

Designed for grilling meat, cooking delicate food or for frying summer vegetables, the Emile Henry Plancha Grill can be used in many different ways. The BBQ ceramic will take care of delicate ingredients during cooking and is ideal for cooking small items such as mushrooms, peppers or seafood while preserving that delicious smoked flavour. The sloping surface lets the fat drain off easily, while the high sides avoid it dripping onto the flames.  Its large handles are easy to grip for serving directly on the table.

Shipping Weight 4.10 kg
Box Size (L x W x H) 62.00 cm x 45.00 cm x 16.99 cm

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