Cuisinart SmartStick PowerTrio High Torque Hand Blender

Price: $134.99 $91.00
Brand: Cuisinart
Product Code: CSB-80C

Versatility meets power in this easy-to-use Cuisinart hand blender that does a lot more than blend! The elegant brushed stainless steel Smart Stick Hand Blender has its own 4-cup Food Processor attachment with feeding tube to slice, shred, or chop! A 400-watt motor provides extra power for more even and efficient processing. Motor housing wipes clean and components are dishwasher safe to make cleanup a breeze. Blend ingredients right in pots, pitchers, bowls; whisk meringues and creams to perfection; or process vegetables, nuts and hard cheeses – all at the touch of a button!

Shipping Weight 2.70 kg
Box Size (L x W x H) 42.01 cm x 24.99 cm x 22.00 cm

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